Ventura County Real Estate

Relocation Specialist

Keith Swinehart, Venoco Inc, Head Recruiter

"Toni, companies should put you on the payroll !! That is a tremendous amount of PR and administrative duties…"

Relocation SpecialistI am proud to specialize in relocating people to Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  I have resided in Santa Barbara for 10 years and Ventura for 8 years. I pride myself in being knowledgeable about both markets, the individual neighborhoods, schools, churches, local stores and cultural events - anything my clients may wish to know about the area that they will call home.

I love working with large local corporations' relocation and recruiting departments and individuals who are looking for a personalized tour of the area. My many clients are either interested in learning more about the area to see if they could call it home or wish to rent or purchase a property in the area. I can help with all requests.

I provide an extremely thorough and personalized, guided tour of the area along with neighborhoods and amenities that are the most important to my clients. The tour comes with a complete Relocation / Welcome Package and a warm, professional and welcoming approach to relocation.

Please email or call me directly for more information.